Brainium software

Brainium architecture has been developed at 3 Software levels (embedded, gateway and Cloud). This architecture applies to Brainium on-line portal and is also the same for Insdustrial Customers that will use the platform through sandox for their IoT projects.

Brainium provides three major layers:

Smart Edge Agile

Autonomous low power device with BLE interface providing access to sensors and edge data process.


Android, iOS, Raspberry PI or other IP device which provide cloud access to sensor device.


Optimized for MS Azure (Cloud agnostic) and custom backend and frontend solutions to access sensor data and manage sensor devices and gateways.

Key features

Cloud agnostic

Brainium features are containerized to be able to deploy and run independently from environment.
Each layer of the platform is designed to run solely regardless targeted environment constraints to execute the end-to-end new generation IOT experience

The platform has been design to run in hybrid configuration depending on client existing infrastructure. It can run on private or public Cloud services.

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